• The Hoffman Companies
  • Financing and purchase of 60 Temple Place, Boston, MA
  • Advanced Engineered Products, Inc.
  • Asset sale to Curtiss Wright Flow Control Services Corporation
  • RKW SE
  • Purchase of capital stock of Danafilms from founder and ESOP

Business Counseling


Every business needs an attorney
Our corporate attorneys act as outside general counsel for many of our business clients, including clients with in-house legal capability.  We advise our clients on the diverse issues that arise as a result of doing business in today’s competitive, litigious and highly regulated business environment.  Most of our corporate clients treat their Posternak attorney as a trusted member of the senior management team, seeking advice on the broad range of contract, conflict resolution, employment, intellectual property and other matters that arise on a daily basis.  In order to provide the best service to our clients, we learn as much as we can about the people and operations that make their business unique –then apply this knowledge to our ongoing representation.  We view our clients’ questions as business questions, and apply our judgment and business acumen, as well as our years of legal expertise, to each matter.

When you need your attorney– now!
Senior managers constantly juggle customers, staff, opportunities, setbacks, proposals and the myriad other matters that make up their business, and when they want the input of their attorney – they want it now.  Executives expect and deserve the attention of a senior attorney who not only knows them and their business, but also has the legal knowledge and experience to provide timely and meaningful advice.  Our clients rely on having access to a senior corporate attorney who works on their schedule.  Our corporate attorneys field the questions, and draw upon the resources of the firm’s employment, litigation, tax, real estate, environmental and other practices as needed to serve a client’s needs.

We have spent decades counseling companies – each with its unique issues
Our corporate attorneys represent decades of experience advising businesses in a broad range of industries and in various stages of growth.  Our clients include manufacturing, service, technology, medical device, advertising, health care, retailing and other industry players.  While middle market companies comprise a substantial portion of the firm’s business clients, we represent a broad range of private and publicly held business entities, from venture capital funded start-up companies seeking rapid growth, to family-held businesses, to large public companies, to venture capitalists, banks and other lenders.  Large or small, each client is important to us.

Our scope is local, national and international
Our businesses clients operate in local, national and international markets, and so do we.  We regularly represent our clients in matters involving customers, business partners and opportunities crossing state and national borders and regularly work across the table from some of the biggest firms in the country. Further, through our membership in Mackrell International, a national and international association of law firms, we are able to quickly obtain legal advice and representation for our clients in most major cities and countries around the world.


Alyssa Aaskov

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